What is Beauty Without the Media?

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Something that I have been thinking about for a whil is this new body positivity movement. I don’t think I am the only woman who has looked in the mirror and thought, how do other people see me? Some days I see my stretch marks, lopsided chest, imperfect teeth, thin hair, love handles, and chicken skin on my arms. And sometimes I see that my eyes are a beautiful blue, my hair is shiny and healthy, and my jeans fit me nicely. So there are days that I feel pretty good about myself, and then there are other days when I want to put on yoga pants, crawl in a hole and eat my sad-day-Oreos (yes, I have sad day Oreos on hand).

But why do we feel this way? Why do we think we have “imperfections”? I have thought about this quite extensively and I keep coming back to the same thing- women are told what beauty is through our harsh and demanding media. We are told that you are only beautiful if you have X, Y, and Z.

So lets pretend for a moment that the media doesn’t exist. That there are no TV shows telling us that this woman has gained weight and this woman “fixed” her nose. How then would beauty be perceived? Would looks even be important?

Since realizing the effect the media can have on my thoughts, I have done my best to take the criticism of my physical self out of my vocabulary and focus on things that truly matter. I have focused on becoming a better wife, getting my health back, being a more attentive mother, daughter, and friend… I look at myself in the mirror and those are the things that try to see. I am a human being doing what I can to become better. Shouldn’t that be considered beauty?

I have a long ways to go and getting those media imposed ideas out of my head are much more difficult that I thought it would be. But my message to you today is that you are so much more than your clothing, your stretch marks, size of jeans, or thinning hair. You are a human being with so much to offer this world! Buzzfeed quizzes can’t tell you that you that you need style help and Pinterest can’t tell you that your clothes are out of style! You are perfect just the way you are. Being YOU is what beauty is. That is how God intended it to be. How boring of a world it would be if we all conformed to what the media told us to look like. So wear your tie dye, your blue eye shadow, and N*Sync shirt proudly. Be you my friends, but more importantly, let others do the same. It’s that simple.


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  • Reply Tessie

    Hilarious. It reminds me of someone I know telling me the story of how her husband would ask her to make him a &#m#80;sa2mich&28221;. She would ask him, “Is your arm broken?” and he would reply, “No, but yours taste so much better”. She was supposed to be so flattered that she would jump right up and make it….NOT. Welcome back. Missed you!

    December 27, 2016 at 10:19 pm
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