10 Ways to Make Your Husband Smile

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I have always felt that there is an ebb and flow in marriage where at times I need more love and support and times when my husband needs more love and support. During the summer months, my husband’s job gets really busy and often stressful. As a result, I hardly see him. So throughout these tough months, we try to be especially mindful of one another’s needs on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few tried and true ways that I remind him how much he is loved and appreciated.

  1. Bring him lunch.

My husband is a total foodie and anytime I bring him lunch, it instantly makes his day better. Not only because I am fixing his hunger pains, but because he gets to see me and his baby girl.

  1. Movie and a fort.

My husband and I love movies. Let me rephrase that- he loves watching movies, I generally see the first 15 minutes of a movie then fall asleep on his shoulder. Regardless, its one way that he loves to wind down. So, sometimes to switch it up a bit, I will make a fort to watch our movie in. I usually make treats to surprise him with. These Chocolate Surprise cookies are one of his favorites!

  1. Make him his favorite dinner.

Like I said before, my husband loves good food. So when I know he has had a hard day at work, I try to make his homecoming a little more special. Smelling a delicious dinner when he walks through the door is something that instantly perks him up.

  1. Keep him in the loop with sending him pictures throughout the day.

My husband often would rather stay home with R and I than go into the office. So by keeping him updated with how our day is going or with goofy selfies, he feels like he is apart of our day at home. We use Snapchat to do this so we don’t clutter up our phones with silly pictures.

  1. Send him a funny video.

Who doesn’t love a funny YouTube video? Or send him a funny video of you and your kids. Regardless, it is bound to put a smile on his face.

  1. Let him know how attractive he is.

There are several ways you can do this. The most obvious way is to tell him outright. Another way is to pull yourself together. When you feel attractive, he will sense that and feel like the luckiest man alive. Initiating intimacy is another way to make him feel desired and sexy.

  1. Make the house extra tidy.

My husband never makes me feel like it is solely my job to keep the house clean. If he comes home to a messy kitchen and unfolded laundry, he never says a word. Some days it just doesn’t get done. (I love him for that.) However, I know it makes him really happy when his domain is clean and that fancy candle he buys me for every holiday is burning in the living room.

  1. Write him a letter of gratitude.

It is so important to let your husband know how grateful you are for him in all that he does for you and your family. If writing a long drawn out letter isn’t your style or his, maybe write a bunch of little “thank you for…” post it notes and put them on the bathroom mirror. However you choose to do it, just let him know you are grateful for all that he does.

  1. Show him that he is a priority.

We all feel that our husbands are our priority but does he know that? Often when he comes home, the priority is calming a fussy baby or making sure dinner gets cleaned up. These are all with the intent to make his life more comfortable, but I don’t know one man who would mind if the dishes were left in the sink so you could sit down and snuggle with him on the couch.

  1. Show genuine interest in a hobby that he loves.

My husband could talk about cars all day long. Seriously. He loves researching all about different kinds of cars. When we first got married, I was so annoyed with this. He could tell and eventually he stopped talking to me about this. I realized I had squashed something that was important to him so I randomly began bringing it up and he would get so excited. I started to pay closer attention to these conversations and now its something we both like to talk about.

Try all of these ideas or just one. Just know that each one of these suggestions is bound to put a smile on his face.





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